Easy and Simple. Questionnaire About Situational Awareness.

Hey there! We want to keep it as simple as possible so would you like to help us with saving 2 days of work by completing this 10-minute questionnaire? We are a group of 4 students studying International Business Administration at the Bern University of Applied Science. So far you have probably got the idea that we are quite busy, and we definitely want to enjoy our happy hour rather than staring at our computers.

Our research is about the perception of situational awareness when using smartphones. In short, it means that the effective physical perception of a place or situation is distorted using smartphones. Everyone has been in a situation where they completely forgot about their surroundings and focused only on one thing, namely the smartphone. With our survey, we would like to better clarify our question. The data obtained will serve as additional information to the survey and at the same time to the conclusion of our research.

Participation in the survey is anonymous. No personal data will be collected. The given information will be used as a major tool to finish our research paper.

There are 17 questions in this survey.